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The Davidson Laboratory CMS Storm Surge Warning System displays both current and forecast water levels for a number of stations, using Google Maps. Each station marker is displayed as a colored square. The control box on the right displays a color legend for water levels.

The color of the square markers indicates the current water level. If flooding or a blowout is predicted within 48 hours from the time of the forecast, then the square will blink.

If you click on the square marker, an info window will appear which notes the current observed water level and the most severe forecast level in the forecast period. Note that if we have not received observed water level within two hours prior to your use, we describe this as 'no current observations'. In this case, the square marker will be a white box with a black X through it. Those stations for which we have NYHOPS forecasts but no observed data will be shown as a white box with an "M" in it.

To display a time series plot, which includes 72 hours of forecast, with observed data when available, click on the 'Show Time Series Plot' in the info window, or use the Station drop down in the control panel to select a station.

If you would like to receive email notifications of predicted flooding, enter your primary email address in the control panel to the right, and click the 'Manage Email Notifications' button. On the page that appears, you may select the stations for which you'd like to receive notifications, and, optionally, provide an alternate email.

Davidson Laboratory Storm Surge Warning System

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Marker color indicates current water level.
Blinking markers indicate predicted flooding.

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SSWS: A Presentation of How it Works!

DISCLAIMER: SSWS adheres to NOAA standards and guidelines for use and reliability of our forecasts. Click: here to view.