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This page provides both the most recent, near-real-time data (when available) for HRECOS stations as well as user-specified, dynamically-generated data downloads. There are two basic data display capabilities, which are selected using radio buttons at the top of the control panel, and which is labelled 'Plot Type':

Plot Type: '1 or 2 Params' allows you to select one station/param combination and view that data for a user-delected date range (using the Start Date and End Date controls) by clicking the 'Plot 1' red button. You may also select a second station/param combination and click the 'Plot 1-2' button to view both sets of data. The second plot type, 'Compare Years', also supports two sets of data but this is used to compare data for one station/param combination from two different periods, starting in two different years. When you select the 'Compare Years' option, the second station/param dropdown choices will be hidden, and a "Compare To" dropdown option will appear under the End Date, which will allow you to select the second year for the multi-year comparison. Note that the list of years in the Compare To dropdown will vary based on the years for which data is available for the selected station

Control Panel Usage: The control panel on the left allows you to specify the station(s) and param(s) you'd like to graphically plot, and the station/param you'd like to download. Note that the graphical plot will display two time series, which may consist of either two parameters for the same station, or for two different stations. If requesting two different stations, you may select either the same or different params. (Note that wind speed and direction cannot be combined with non-wind data.)

To plot one time series, use the Station and Param drop-downs, and click the "Plot" button. To plot two time series, also select Station 2 and Param 2, and click the "Plot 1 - 2" button. The main station's x and y axes will be on the left of the graph; the second station/param time series will label axes on the right of the graph. In all cases the x axis represents time.

Verified and Suspicious Data: HRECOS station managers periodically verify that the information in the system is correct, and flag invalid or questionable data. The date through which data has been verified will be shown at the bottom of the time series. All other data should be treated as preliminary. Also, data that has been flagged as 'suspicious' by station managers will be shown in lighter shades of red or blue.

Units: By default, 'English' units will be used: Temperatures will be in Fahrenheit, speed in knots, etc. Selecting Metric will result in metric/S.I. units.

Normally, all data points provided by the station instruments will be plotted and the second units drop-down calls this option Continuous. You may also select Daily which will plot or download one data point per day. Note that daily averages are not provided for wind vectors.

Start Date & End Date: To select dates, you may either type in the dates (in YYYY-MM-DD format) or use the "Set Start" and "Set End" buttons, which offer graphical date pickers. Note that there are limits on the length of data that can be either downloaded or plotted:

Plot 1-2:Creates two time series, one in red and the other in blue. You may opt to plot two different parameters from the same station, or from two stations, or you may plot different parameters for the stations. Note that if you click on Plot 1 the red, secondary station is ignored. Plot Duration: Wind data may be graphed for no more than 1 week. All other params may be plotted for up to 30 days.

Map:Clicking Map will replace the plot with a live google map showing the primary station. Once the map is displayed, you may select other stations (using the blue Station 1 dropdown) and the map will move to that location. Note that the selected station is shown with a red marker. Any other stations in that area will be shown with paler markers.

Download & Download All: Downloads are always for the primary station (Station 1, the 'blue' station). Download returns data for one parameter for that station, whereas Download All returns all parameters.

Download Duration: All params may be downloaded for a period of up to six months. The exception to this is when Daily Average is chosen: Up to 1 year of daily averages may be plotted or downloaded.

Time Zone: There are three time zone choices: GMT, EST and Eastern Time. GMT and EST do not adjust for daylight savings, whereas Eastern Time does. While Eastern Time is the default, be aware that in the spring there will be a 'missing hour' and in the fall there will be a repeated hour.

Beneath the control panel are links for the current Station, one for metadata for that station, and one for the Quality Assurance Project Plan that includes that station.

Please direct questions and comments to the HRECOS coordinator.

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