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NY/NJ Coastal Observing & Forecasting System

Welcome to the Urban Ocean Observatory!

The New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System (NYHOPS) was established to permit an assessment of ocean, weather, environmental, and vessel traffic conditions throughout the New York Harbor and New Jersey Coast regions. The system is designed to provide a knowledge of meteorological and oceanographic conditions both in real-time and forecasted out to 72 hours in the Hudson River, the East River, NY/NJ Estuary, Raritan Bay, Long Island Sound and the coastal waters of New Jersey. In this web site you will see graphic images of: water level; surface and bottom temperature; surface and bottom salinity; surface and bottom currents; NOAA winds; coastal waves - height, period and direction.

DISCLAIMER: NYHOPS adheres to NOAA standards and guidelines for use and reliability of our forecasts. Click here to view.

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Available Parameters
Surface Currents & Current Profiles
Surface Temperature & Temperature Profiles
Surface & Bottom Salinity & Profiles
Water Levels
Surface meteorology (winds etc.)
Coastal Waves (Height, Period & Direction)